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Please ensure you have read through all the information found on the Cakes and Other Desserts pages of this website, so that you have a clear idea of cake flavours, sizes and pricing to make the ordering and enquiry process easier. Please also check the FAQ page before placing your enquiry, you may find the answers you need there. The more info you give me, the better I can assist you. I cannot give a quote without the details required below.

Please note: There is a minimum spend of $50 for all total orders, during busy periods the minimum total spend is up-to $100.

NOTE: Pricing below are starting price /basic design and decorations only. Adding seasonal flowers to design usually will be extra charge from $10 , depends on cake size and amount of flowers. Adding other items such as gold drip, gold leafs,figuring, cake topper will adding price to the final quote.

My pricing reflex premium ingredient,high end flowers from florist , time consume to make each cake, high quality of work and i am a qualify chef. I am only offer premium cake for special occasions. Most of decorations made by hands. So please consider what you pay is what you get, amazing cakes are not cheap cakes.

Cake Sizes (Inches) Coffee Portions (1x1x4 Inches) Dessert Portions (1x2x4 Inches)

Prices Start From

5 inches - mini cake 6 4 $80
6x5 inches 12-16 6-8 $130
5x7 inches - tall style 16-24 8-12 $150
6x8 inches - tall style 30-40 15-20 $200
8x5 inches 30-40 15-20 $220
9x5 inches 40-50 20-25 $260
7x9 inches - tall style 50-60 25-30 $300
8x10 inches - tall style 70-80 35-40 $400
9x11 inches - tall style 90-100 45-50 $520

More pricing for number cakes and multi-tiers cakes available on CAKE page.

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Starting price can include simple decorations. Adding flowers, figuring, etc will be extra fees, depends on size and requests.
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you will not be contact by phone to discuss anything relate to booking. Only time you be contact is anything emergency regards current order that you have.
Note: for cake with fresh flowers, fresh fruits, naked style cake and number cake, it is best to pick up the same day as the date of event please.
Cake Decoration
If you are ordering a custom cake please specify the level of cake decoration you require. Please refer to the 'Cake' page for image examples of this.
Message Example: Cake with gold drip, fresh flowers and macarons as decorations.
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I am located in the northern suburb of Hamersley, Western Australia. The map below will give you an indication of my location however the specific address will only be provided upon booking for cake pick-up purposes.