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cake Sizing & Pricing


The table below shows cake sizes in diameter x height measurements in inches and gives an idea of the portions you should get per cake. Please note that actual quantities may vary, depending on the person cutting the cake. If you are unsure about sizing in inches versus centimetres please CLICK HERE for a quick converter tool to assist you

NOTE: Pricing below are starting price /basic design only. The price below can include simple ,Lite decorations such as chocolate drip, small amount of macarons and chocolate. Adding seasonal flowers to design usually will be extra charge between $10-$50 depends on cake size and amount of flowers. Adding other items such as gold drip, gold leafs,figuring, cake topper will adding price to the final quote.

Cake Sizes (Inches) Coffee Portions (1x1x4 Inches) Dessert Portions (1x2x4 Inches)

Prices Start From

6x5 inches 12-16 6-8 $130
5x7 inches - tall style 16-22 8-12 $150
6x8 inches - tall style 30-35 15-20 $185
7x9 inches - tall style 50-60 25-30 $250
8x5 inches 30-35 15-20 $200
8x10 inches - tall style 65-75 35-40 $320
9x11 inches - tall style 85-95 45-55 $420
10x5 inches 44-49 22-27 $270

Click image below to enlarge


  • 7”x 5” + 5”x 5” - Serves 30-35 coffee portions - from $270

  • 8”x 5” + 6”x 5” - Serves 45-50 coffee portions - from $380

  • 10”x 5” + 8”x 5” - Servers 65-70 coffee portions - from $500

3 tier BUTTERCREAM cakes

  • Dependant on cake sizing - from $600


number shaped cakes sizes available

Small Size:

  • One-digit number: Serves 10 dessert /20 coffee portions - from $130

  • Two-digit number: Serves 20 dessert /40 coffee portions - from $230

Large Size:

  • One-digit number: Serves 15 dessert /30 coffee portions - from $180

  • Two-digit number: Serves 30 dessert /60 coffee portions - from $320

Cake decoration Categories

There are 3 different categories that relate to the level of decoration that is applied to a cake design. Please see images here for an example of the level of decoration per cake design.

  • Deluxe - high level of cake decoration

  • Medium - medium level of cake decoration

  • Lite - minimum level of cake decoration

This will help me to understand amount of decoration you want. The more decoration request , the more cost it will be for the cake .




Cake Flavours

custom/drip Cake Flavour Options

  • Chocolate mud cake with salted caramel filling (Popular)

  • Chocolate mud cake with swiss meringue vanilla buttercream

  • Chocolate mud cake with cherry ripe buttercream filling

  • Red velvet with snicker filling

  • Red velvet with raspberry buttercream filling (Popular)

  • White chocolate mud cake with matcha green tea buttercream filling

  • White chocolate mud cake with salted caramel filling

  • White chocolate, banana mud cake with caramel filling (NEW)

  • Vanilla sponge cake with lemon curd filling

  • Vanilla sponge cake with strawberry buttercream filling (Popular)


  • White chocolate mud cake with strawberry and buttercream

  • White chocolate mud cake with salted caramel filling and vanilla buttercream

  • Banana mud with chocolate ganache filling and vanilla buttercream

  • Chocolate mud with chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream

  • Chocolate mud with salted caramel filling and vanilla buttercream

  • Red velvet with raspberry cream filling and buttercream

Please Note:

  • The red velvet cake that I make is delicious. However, I do not believe in adding lots and lots of red food dye into the cake mix. This results in my red velvet cake being browner with a little tint of red instead of a bright red dyed cake.

  • Sponge cakes are not suitable for 5’ diameter cake, tall style. It is too fragile for small and skinny cakes.

  • Other cake flavours and combinations are available on request but may incur an extra fee.

  • Gluten free options available, please contact me for more info.

Cake quotes & orders

At Cakes by Aranee, I offer customised cakes, desserts and more for all types of events or occasions. For quotes on cake prices, any ideas you have, if you need further information, or you have any questions, please contact me by filling in the enquiries and orders form on the contact page.

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